Make yourself a present - SKELETON WINNER Watch.
This watch is an embodiment of status and success, a sense of style and taste, originality and self-sufficiency. Take this watch with you to a business meeting, vacation or just carry it every day and it will give you only pleasant emotions, admiration from women and respect from men!

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Stylish Concept

"SKELETON WINNER" is a chic accessory that can be truly called a "Royal" watch.
Amazing beauty, skeletonized dial and gear-shaped case with golden Roman marks.

Top Quality

The watch case is made of high quality materials, which significantly increases the service life!
The leather strap fits your wrist nicely and gives you a comfortable feeling. 

Automatic Function

Today, self-winding watches operating on the kinetic energy coming from the movement of the handare gaining more and more popularity. This feature complements the main automatic movement greatly increasing the service time of the watch.



A real shock, style, chic! This is the Skeleton WINNER watch - the most striking and unpredictable watch model, which does not hide the accurate movement mechanism under the dial letting you observe its operation as a whole and its each detail separately. In this model, the watch case is also transparent.

Skeleton WINNER is made of modern heavy-duty materials. The case material is made of stainless steel, the bezel is polished golden, the strap material is high-tech PU leather, which is resistant to abrasion and stretching. Its main advantage is the ability to form pores that make the PU leather strap breathable.

In addition, Skeleton WINNER impresses with its functional feature. The watch is equipped with automatic winding of the spring and is very convenient to use since it does not need to be wound daily at a specific time.


    REMEMBER ONE SAYING: A man should have one piece of jewelry and that is a watch.

Looking at the true representatives of the strong half of humanity you certainly agree with this statement. Recently, the main purpose of men's watch is to emphasize the status of men, since it is believed that the “cooler” the watch the higher the status.

Another feature of the watch is to give the ‘completeness’ to the image of a man. The experts single out one prevailing general trend and that is originality..

It is no secret that skeleton watch has always been given special attention by watch collectors and watch fans in general. Its design impresses even those who are distant from the world of watches. This watch is a real wonder!


For a friend, brother, uncle, father, work colleague? What original present to make so that it would stand out among other presents and be remembered for a long time? And also so that it would regularly bring pleasant memories of you!

Give to your close people Skeleton WINNER, which will amaze everyone with its unique design! This watch is an exquisite and stylish accessory. It strikes with originality, captures the looks of others, especially women, while the price considering all the advantages of this model seems more than affordable!


Why you should order Unique Skeleton WINNER right now:
1. We work without prepayment. Cash on delivery.
2. We deliver across country territory.
3.The product is always in stock! No long waiting.
4.Reliable packaging that can protect your order from damage.
5.Fast delivery. 2-3 days (depending on the region).
6.Special Offer: % off.
7. 12 month warranty..

Features of the  Skeleton WINNER watch:

  • Movement: Mechanical with Automatic winding;
  • Case: stainless steel;
  • Case color: gold;
  • Band Material: High Quality PU Leather;
  • Band color: Black;
  • Back Cover: Transparent;
  • Dial Diameter: 40 mm;
  • Dial Thickness: 12 mm;
  • Band Length: 245 mm;
  • Weight: 59g.

Questions and Answers

-What are the warranty conditions?

If upon receipt of the product you notice that the packaging or the product itself is damaged, you just need to call our managers or write an email, and we will change your watch with a new one. You can also return the product within 14 days and we will refund the full price excluding shipping costs.

We care about our reputation and customer satisfaction is our priority!

-How will the order be delivered to me?

The order will be  delivered by a courier service. We work only on cash on delivery terms. The parcel is usually delivered within 2 or 3 days.

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Payment and delivery

We deliver to all parts of the country.

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We respect your time and therefore we ship all orders only in the 1st class parcels..

Delivery terms

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The watch will be delivered quickly without a scratch.

Delivery takes 2-3 business days.


Payment upon the receipt.

We do not require an advance payment.

Payment for the order is carried out upon receipt.

Product Warranties

The products are 100% checked before shipping.

We will refund if something goes wrong.

We comply with the Law on Consumer Protection

  • You have the right to return the product within 14 days after the receipt, regardless of the reason for the return.
  • You can return the product with flaws within 12 months from the receipt of the order.

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Special Offer



            Unfortunately, the quantity of goods with a % discount is limited.                
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